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Amateur Radio Software, Classes and Links

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Ham Test

AMSATDroid Free smartphone satellite tracking App

App for Android smartphones predicts future passes for amateur radio
satellites for a specified location and period of time.

Basic features:

• Calculate passes for up to the next 24 hours
• Graphical pass display
• Map view showing current satellite position and next two orbits
• Update keps directly from the web or from a file on SD card
• Set home coordinates from User Input (Lat, Long or IARU Locator),
Network or

AMSATDroid Free can be downloaded from
Google at
Amazon at

For those with Apple or Windows mobile devices see

[Thanks to AMSAT UK, for the above information]

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FCC Universal Licensing System

The website links, for the following 3 selections, are provided at the bottom of this section.

Selection 1 is for:

a. New HAMS to obtain their new call signs; and,

b. HAMs with licenses, to confirm their renewal or upgrade status.

The FCC page - License Search, will have an input window in the top center of the screen.

The window defaults to searching "By Callsign"

This is on a drop down menu.The other two options are "By FRN" and "By Name"

New HAMs would select the bottom entry to search "By Name"
The format would be: Last Name, First Name, MI (exactly as you filled in the License application during your testing session). This will bring up a page with your name and any other names that meet your search criteria. If you do not find your name, then a license has not been issued to you yet. If your name appears then click on your callsign

HAMs with existing license would use the "By Callsign" option.

The next screen should show your Callsign, Name, FRN, Radio Service, Status, Expiration Date. Click on your callsign

The next screen will provide your mailing address on file. Make sure this is correct!

In addition, you will find 5 options above your admin record. The 5th option (far right) is labelled "Reference Copy"

Click on this and you will be able to download a pdf file copy of your license. Now the license will look exactly like a "mailed copy" except it will have the words REFERENCE COPY printed diagonally across the license. It is a two section copy of your license. The bottom section should be cut off, folded over and laminated for ease of carrying in your wallet or purse..

At the present time it is the FCC's position that the information posted in the ULS database is the primary means of establishing whether or not your have a current license. The Reference Copy is simply a printout of the record of public information contained within the FCC ULS database.

It should be accepted as proof of license status for any future upgrade testing.

Selection 2 is for:

a. Resetting the Paper Authorization flag - so that the FCC will mail you a paper copy of any and all future license updates and/or changes; and,

b. To Download an Official Copy of your present license.

c. You can also renew, update your mailing address and other items via this selection. Detailed instructions for these activities will be added in the near future.

NOTE: First, you will need to contact the FCC (1-888-225-5322 or 1 888 CALL FCC) and obtain a temporary password to access the License Manager database.

Once inside the database you will be instructed to change your password. The procedures are as follows:

1. Log in using your FRN and your password

2. Screen will read

My Licenses
License XX#XXX at a Glance

(in a long green boxed area beneath these lines you will see the following text)

Change your paper authorizations here or download your official electronic authorizations now

3. If you click here then you’ll get the Paper Authorization Preferences page.

Simply select Yes and hit save. You SHOULD receive all future license changes / renewals via the US Mail system.

4. If you select now you’ll get the Download Authorization Section (read this as download license) page

You do not have to fill in the top section of Callsign and dates.

Simply go to the bottom section and follow the instructions to download your license. It will be in a pdf file so when you save it, change the name and then print it out.

It will have the words “Official Copy” diagonally across the top section of your license. The lower half which you would fold, laminate and keep in your wallet will not have any such lettering.

Selection 3

Detailed instructions as to what can be done using this link will be provided at a latter date.

  1. The FCC callsign look up:

  2. The main FCC page for amateurs:

  3. Common filing tasks:

FCC part 97 rules

Part 97 rules from the ARRL

Additional FCC Rules

The following nine rules can be reviewed via the link below.
1. Reciprocal Permit

2. US Amateurs Operating Overseas

3. Foreign Licenses Operating in the US

4. Bilateral Reciprocal Agreements

5. Third Party Agreements

6. Amateur Frequencies Outside the US

7. Maritime Mobile Operation in International Waters

8. CEPT (European Conference of Postal & Telecommunications Administration)

9. IARP (International Amateur Radio Permit)


FCC Regulations from the ARRL

Band Plans

ARRL Frequency Allocation Page

Video RSS Blogs ...


Ham Nation TV - this link works with Linux; does not.


Google search for Blogs

RSS feeds

RSS Search

Radio Programming Software

Chirp — CHIRP is a FREE cross-platform, cross-radio programming tool. It works on Windows and Linux (and MacOSX with a little work). It supports a growing list of radios across several manufacturers and allows transferring of memory contents between them. Alinco, Icom, Kenwood, Yaesu, Wouxun. Did I mention FREE!

KC8UNJ Yaesu Commander Software — for ICOM, Yaesu and WOUXUN handhelds

RT Systems — for Icom, Yaesu, Kenwood, Baofeng, Wouxun, Alinco, TYT, AnyTone and 15 other radios

FREE 450 — Memory Management for Yaesu FT-450s - Free

FREE 950 — Memory Management for Yaesu FT-950s - Free

G4HFQ Software — Memory Management for a wide variety of Yaesu radios

CQ Ham — Russian site with loads of Schematics, Software & Manuals. Has copies of RT Systems programming Software.

MiklorDrivers to work with the Chinese USB to Serial cables.

Radio Control Software

fldigi — Controls most rigs, runs on Linux, OS X and Windows

AC6V's Compilation — Many links. Much more than just Control Software

KF8GR's Linux Compilation — Many links. Much more than just Control Software

Digital Signaling Software

fldigi — Supports most of the Digital modes except JT65, runs on Linux, OS X and Windows

JT 65 for windows

there is a linux version that I've heard of, I'm trying to track it down. windows only, supports many modes including JT 65

Packet Packet software for Debian based linucies (plural of Linux ;)

DX Zone has a list of Packet software for windows:


JPL radio club's repeater list

San Diego 6 Shooters list

Southern California Six Meter Repeater Directory

K6LCS Southern California Frequency Mix (select K6LCS Freq List)

Charts, Posters

RF Connector List

ARRL's U.S. band listing

ICOM's U.S. band listing

ICOM's U.S. Maidenhead Grid listing

Ian, G3NRW's 30 meter band digital usage chart

Ian, G3NRW's 160 meter band digital usage chart

Amateur HF bandplan

Click to see their page

Amateur Radio Courses & Training

Learn CW on the Web. A very nice browser based Morse code tutor based on the Koch method. It keeps track of your progress for you and suggests when to move to the next session.

Technical Books Online a superb source of out-of-copyright technical books.

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The Sitting Bull Academy's Seismology Page, here's the link

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