Victor Valley

Amateur Radio Club


P.O. BOX 91
Apple Valley, California U.S.A.

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Amateur Radio Utilities

Maidenhead Grid Locators

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The default address shown (19355 Sitting Bull Rd, Apple Valley 92307) is the current location of the Victor Valley Amateur Radio Club's monthly meetings.

This grid locator also allows you to calculate the distance between two stations. However, it starts with the map in France - you'll have to "left click the mouse and drag" the map to the US. OR simply type in DM14 in the box below the map and hit "Enter". This will place the map over Southern California.

If you have any questions contact Dick (KI6IXL) at email rsvcvhd2@gmail.com for further instructions.

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Convert Lat/Lon to UTM Coordinates or UTM to Lat/Lon Coordinates for the Northern Hemisphere only at the University of Montana